Division staff



BioMed Engineering Group  

Fields of interest
  • Modelling of heat and mass transfer problems utilizing in-house codes and commercial packages
  • Application of inverse methods in heat and mass transfer problems
  • Development of inverse techniques
  • Modelling of thermal-hydraulic processes within containments of water nuclear reactors during normal operation and in accidental conditions
  • Mathematical modelling of thermal and flow problems coupled with chemical reactions and phase change
  • Development of numerical methods: Finite Volumes Method, Finite Elements Method, Boundary Elements Methods
  • Modeling of bio-med-engineering problems (heat transfer in humans, human thermal physiology, environmental ergonomics, thermal comfort)
  • Heat generation in different stages of a nuclear fuel cycle
  • Deterministic safety analyses of nuclear reactors
  • Mathematical modelling of power industry devices and installations
  • Shape optimization
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mathematical modelling of thermodynamic processes
  • Mathematical modelling of gas power systems, and combined steam and gas power systems
  • Mathematical modelling of ground water flow and pollutant propagation
  • Heat radiation-development of in-house code. Modelling of radiative properties of gases